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The Transit Announcement System is Down

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When I got on the train I could sense that something was wrong. When it started moving I became aware of the terrible state of affairs – THE TRANSIT ANNOUNCEMENT SYSTEM WAS DOWN! With no voice to guide me, it only got worse. The absence of the Transit Announcement System was like a dark vail enveloping the singular boxcar that was my world; my prison cell. I instinctively moved to the next boxcar, and the next, and the next — But it was all the same. No lights, no signs, no maps, and I couldn’t understand the driver speaking over the intercom. I missed a connection, got off at the wrong stop THREE times, stepped in gum, and fell asleep until the train arrived back where it started. My mobile phone kept dropping and it was down to one bar. I slept on a bench and tried again the next day; but the Transit Announcement System was still down. It was a nightmarish repeat of the day before. And so it goes on; day after day — Endlessly wondering the railways — Never making it to my destination. Someone out there — Anyone out there listening — Please — Please repair the Transit Announcement System!

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