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The Voiceover Virtual Repository

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Welcome to Passion Fruit Voiceovers — Step on to the platform, strap-on your ocular headset and prepare to be levitated through the Voiceover Virtual Repository; a 35,000 square foot, temperature controlled, state-of-the-art, virtual facility containing thousands of automated voice samples. Just motion toward any module to extract it and hear its contents.

We have every genre: Comedy, drama, western, noir, fantasy, romance, superhero, historic, futuristic, etc. We are adept at every drawl and dialect imaginable to include American Western, Southern, New England, etc. And our language capability spans the globe. We got male and female English, Spanish, French, German, Russian (East Slavic) … the list goes on.

We understand that in order to create the ultimate Customer Experience, your company needs to appeal to a broad spectrum, whether your system is centralized or fragmented.

So visit, your Voiceover Virtual Repository!

Providing enterprise scale female voice-over talent and male voice-over artists for global clientele. Services include: Commercial and Narration Voice-overs, IVR, TTS, Mobile Media Content, Transit Announcement System Voice-overs, e-Learning Courses, On-Hold Messaging, Multilingual Voice Talent, Language Translation, and Audio Engineering Services, via Source-Connect, ISDN, Phone Patch, and FTP.

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