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The Voice of Football

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They say, “the best defense is a good offense.” Or is it, “the best offense is a good defense?” We certainly can’t rely on our defense to score all our points. On the other hand, if offense isn’t scoring, we better be able to stop the opposing team from scoring. So by design, we really can’t rely on the success of one over the other. The only brief exception might be based on the behavior of the opposing team. Everything else held constant, it most likely boils down to who performs better. So if performance is the key, training and talent are imperative. For each player to perform at their best, they require a balance of talent, instinct, and stamina, which can only be achieved through training or the repetition commonly classified as experience. With over 25 years under our belt, this is precisely what Passion Fruit Voiceovers brings to the table. In football terms, we see ourselves as veteran linemen. As the voice of your organization, we’re on the front line, offense or defense.

So visit TODAY, and discover how we can help you become the Super Bowl champs of your industry.

Providing enterprise scale female voice-over talent and male voice-over artists for global clientele. Services include: Commercial and Narration Voice-overs, IVR, TTS, Mobile Media Content, Transit Announcement System Voice-overs, e-Learning Courses, On-Hold Messaging, Multilingual Voice Talent, Language Translation, and Audio Engineering Services, via Source-Connect, ISDN, Phone Patch, and FTP.

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