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The Proverbial Voice

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– The thrill is neither the arrival at your destination nor the journey; but the automated voice systems guiding you.

– It’s not voice quantity but voice quality; not ‘what’ the voice said, but ‘how’ the voice said it; not what the voice knows, but to whom the voice is talking.

– The voice is mightier than the pen.

Voice with authenticity, with authority, and by example.

– Don’t scream – project; not from the throat – from the diaphragm.

– People who live in glass houses should not use a high pitch voice.

– When in Rome, do as the transit announcement system says.

– When the voice gets tough, the tough follow IVR directions explicitly.

– Keep your friends close, and your IVR updated.

– ‘A picture is worth a thousand words,’ as a voice prompt is worth a thousand clients.

– The early voice catches the client.

– Sit comfortably and speak into a big mic.

– Once you’ve had Passion Fruit Voiceovers you’ll never go back.


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