Liz’s special interests that align with her purpose of making the world a better place. 

2015 Recipient of the Chabad of Cobb Community Service Award

Voice of Service for Chabad, MARTA
BY JEWISH TIMES, March 20, 2015
By Cady Schulman /

"For Liz Helgesen, volunteering several days a week at Chabad of Cobb is just one way she can give back to the synagogue she says has helped her grow as a Jewish woman... To honor Helgesen for her hours of service, synagogue officials selected her as this year’s recipient of the Chabad of Cobb Service Award." Read More ⇒

2014 Women's Spa for the Soul - Key Note Speaker

At the 2014 Women's Spa for the Soul and 2013 Women of Weber, Liz presented “Bringing Heaven to the Mundane,” an inspiring journey of recovery and self-discovery. Liz shared an uplifting talk about fulfilling her life's purpose of bringing Heaven down to earth through elevating life's most mundane tasks.


Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting

As a Recovery Woman of 27 years, Liz's passion and calling is to serve our communities with a universal message of hope and healing. Through key note addresses, TV appearances and Wisdom Meetings, Liz moves participant audiences to action, instilling inspiration and tools to change. "Addiction is more than just to substances. We are all addicted to attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that keep us from living our full lives, from realizing our full potential and true purpose in this world."

With much gratitude, Liz guest hosted two episodes of AIB-TV's The Circle, a progressive faith related "hot topics" talk show hosted by a panel of accomplished Atlanta women of different ages from varied cultures, religious beliefs and professional backgrounds. This bi-weekly show features discussions on issues concerning and affecting the women of Atlanta including topics on social, political, economic and health related current events. Each episode also highlights a prominent Atlanta woman doing great things to better our community.

Click below to see Liz in action:

AIBTV | The Circle - "Recovery: Addiction, Co-dependency & Healing"
July 19, 2014

AIBTV | The Circle - "Unaccompanied Minors Crossing US Borders"
July 5, 2014

Passionate to serve and inspire, Liz joined the Service Team at Liz records an audio version of their Wisdom Readings — poignant passages sent out electronically and heard by over 2.2 million people throughout the world each week. These powerful messages help and inspire people to connect with their higher purpose and to be the change we wish to see in the world. "An experiment in the joy of giving," is a non-profit run entirely by volunteers whose services enable hundreds of inspired people in every country to volunteer and contribute in meaningful ways to the world around them. Check out and see what inspires you to be the change. To listen to the Wisdom Readings go to


Created by Susan Fisher Palace, Liz co-produced KidVisions, an amazing and powerful CD of guided imagery and relaxation techniques to help children relax, access their inner wisdom and reach their full potential. Click on the link below to view a CBS Better Mornings segment featuring Susan, the awesome children and Liz. For more information on KidVisions and to purchase CDs for your family or organization visit