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Idiomatic VO

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I had a fun conversation with a colleague about building an automated speech system that responds idiomatically. ‘A penny for your thoughts’ when the system is first engaged. ‘To make a long story short’ for an account overview. ‘Hang a right’. ‘Better late than never’ (in traffic). ‘Make a U-ie’ at the next available opportunity.

But let’s not ‘beat around the bush’. ‘No matter how you slice it’, you need experienced professionals for your voice branding. They’re ‘hanging-out’ at We’re not exactly ‘a dime a dozen’; but we won’t cost you ‘an arm and a leg’.

Providing enterprise scale female voice-over talent and male voice-over artists for global clientele. Services include: Commercial and Narration Voice-overs, IVR, TTS, Mobile Media Content, Transit Announcement System Voice-overs, e-Learning Courses, On-Hold Messaging, Multilingual Voice Talent, Language Translation, and Audio Engineering Services, via Source-Connect, ISDN, Phone Patch, and FTP.

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